About us

About us

Hello, we are Lorraine and Andrew and Lussvelika is our home.

Fifteen years ago we decided to buy a house in Normandy, France, and so here we are in Bulgaria. Serendipity brought us here and to Velika.

We bought here and spent ten years visiting for two weeks each year whilst we worked to be able to move here full time. Our dream came true five years ago when we gave up our jobs, packed our caravan with our stuff and moved out here.

Velika Village

Situated at the foot of the Strandzha hills just 7 minutes by car from The Black Sea lies the small village of Velika, welcome to the world of village life. 

Take a stroll round the village viewing the mix of old and new buildings nestled side by side.  Call into the shop to buy your bread and other supplies.  Enjoy fresh produce with milk direct from the cows and eggs fresh from the chickens.  Maybe sit outside our one and only bar under the shade and have something long and cool to drink whilst the children play in the square.   Take time to enjoy a light snack of kebapche or koofteta.

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MTB in Strandzha

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